Basic Linux Commands with Examples

I believe it’s very important to know at least basic commands of Linux (Also, other Operating Systems). You might say, “I’m a developer/business analyst/tester etc., I don’t need to know these Linux commands!“.

Oh sweet Linus Torvalds (Creator of Linux)… Be sure he’s not around when you say those kind of things, or else he might rage-mail (Read it, you won’t regret) you with the hatred of ten thousand years.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 14.55.17
Linus Torvalds’ Ragemail to his employee

Let me tell you something. You’re going to regret saying that. I was thinking the same, then one day, I needed to see logs of our consumer website because it was returning 500 – Internal Server Error. Oh boy, didn’t I struggle. Opening those logs is easy even with the knowledge of basic Linux commands. Long story short, learn them. It’s easy.
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Hello World with Java

Here We Go!

Thanks for joining the Codeogre! Let’s take a sip from our cocktails and enjoy the very first post! Since Java is the most powerful weapon of mine (I imagine Java as a big, bulky two-handed axe -> ), I will talk about Java a little bit to break the ice between us.

Java, the Island?

What, No!? Wait a second, why would you…

Yeah, now you know there is an island named Java in Indonesia. There are lots of places named Java. Actually, there are so many things named Java, if you are a curious individual, you can check them over here.

But! There is one thing named Java… Strong, solid but also delicate, generally friendly but sometimes difficult to understand like the girlfriends which we don’t have since we are introvert nerds (Don’t mind my shameful jokes, it also cringes me). Every coder knows about Java besides the ones passed away before the release (R.I.P Ada Lovelace – First Programmer).
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