Snapshot Restore versus pg_restore – Time Comparison


I’ll just cut to the chase here and give detailed analysis immediately after.

The time difference between pg_restoring an 11GB sized PostgreSQL database with 159MB pg_dump file, versus restoring snapshot of its t2.medium RDS Instance:



Important note! The time values are subject to change, because it depends on network, other running processes, intermediary EC2 Instance type etc.


I used a t2.medium SSM Bastion Instance to execute PostgreSQL commands. As I’ve mentioned before, provisioning a more powerful EC2 Instance might increase the performance drastically. You can find information about SSM Bastions in this page.

Imagine you have a PostgreSQL database named “XXX” with 11 GB size. Don’t get distracted with the name, I don’t know why I named it “XXX” at the first hand, but here we go anyway 🙂

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