Who Am I


To those who ask “But who are you? An OpsLord?”

To establish a sincere relationship with you, I’d like to give you a short(you know it’s not) summary about my life.

I was born in Eskisehir/Turkey but lived in many cities until now because of some various reasons(Glad I did). I studied Computer Engineering at Anadolu University, got my B.Sc diploma and participated in the Erasmus Programme at Politechnika Lubelska in Poland for 6 months. I enjoyed every bit of Erasmus because I’ve met so many wonderful people there and experienced living in a foreigner country, culture. This was the cheesy part. There is another reason, I had so much time and money for socializing(AKA, drinking and partying) thanks to my fat university. Erasmusers will understand, but don’t tell the others.

I completed my first internship at Mercedes-Benz as a Business Analyst – which I think is fruitful because I’ve gained experience on business side of IT – and my second internship at my university’s research department as a software developer, working on DHCP servers. After these valuable experiences, I worked as a software engineer at Sony for 10 months and took care of both development(Java, PHP) and infrastructure(AWS, Akamai). Working at Sony was very compact and effective because I learned so much in a little time frame. At that point, I was thinking about participating a master’s program at Aachen RWTH in Germany and got accepted. But instead, I got an offer I couldn’t refuse(don’t give me that look) from Siemens in Istanbul and accepted it. I worked  as a DevOps Engineer at Siemens for 1.5 year and again, learned so much. The tech stack was so broad and deep. Terraform, GitLab, Spring, Java, SAM, AWS, Azure… Siemens is where I felt like I needed to verify my cloud skills thus, I earned my AWS Solutions Architect – Professional certificate. At both Sony and Siemens, I worked with people from many different countries and loved it.

After nearly  2.5 years, I decided to fulfill one of my goals, which is moving to Germany. I mainly want Germany because part of my family is living there and I feel much closer to Germany than any other countries. I like how German language sounds even though the articles are hard to memorize. Weirdly(really…), I also enjoy reading about German history on my spare time. Anyway, my hard work has paid off, Lady Luck has smiled upon me and I received an offer from Trivago! I’m currently working as a Site Reliability Engineer at Trivago in Düsseldorf.

Let’s see what life brings now!


What’s the purpose?

My aim about this site is to contribute to the community, share everything I learn and have fun while doing these!

I’m not going to strictly share about only one field, I’ll be sharing various topics and notes about anything related with development and software engineering. For example, to make our lives easier, I might share keyboard shortcuts of operations to work faster. I’m also planning to share my hobbies!